“Do not retreat — it brings us closer to the future.” The remarkable story of activist and prisoner Pavel Krisevich, as told by himself
Who is tying their future to Russia? A large study on those who are leaving and those who are staying by Paperpaper.ru
“You can’t just sit it all out.” The story of Vesna, from humorous referendums to leaders of the anti-war movement
Not all families of the draftees received the promised compensation. How the city of Saint Petersburg does (not) support the wives and children of the recruits
“Officers are shocked to see the kind of people sent their way.” Drafted Saint Petersburg man, who has four children, tells about the chaos at the military base and a soldier’s suicide
“We’re just lucky he was identified.” Interview with St. Petersburger whose brother was drafted and killed in action two weeks later
Prosecution in Skochilenko’s case cites linguistic examination claiming Sasha is lying and the Russian military are “humane”. Paperpaper.ru analyzed the document
What is it like to be a police officer if you are against the war? An interview with a former criminal investigator from Saint Petersburg
“I reevaluated my view of the state.” Wives of the mobilized recount how they saw their husbands off to war
Plastic bottle for a shower and a two by five meters yard for a walking space. Sasha Skochilenko writes about her first month at a detention center
Prison or war? Why readers of Paperpaper.ru remain in Russia and what are they planning to do: survey results
“See you soon in our new, desirable and open Russia.” The story of Andrey Pivovarov’s twenty-years-long ascent as a Saint Petersburg political opposition leader that led him behind bars
“Graffiti provides hope that not everyone is a scumbag.” How street art emerged as the main way to protest
“They’ll eat me alive”: the story of man who made an anti-war wall newspaper — only to be squealed on by his neighbors
‘Someone will always say it’s the wrong time’ St. Petersburg politician Sergey Troshin on coming out amidst a rise in state-sponsored homophobia
‘He said goodbye to everyone in advance, saying that he would soon be gone’: How Kirishi buried Alexander Yegorov, killed in Ukraine
How have we changed in the year since the protests? Paperpaper.ru research on self-censorship, hope and kitchen talk
“I gave too much to this job”. Members of Russian media talk about military censorship and internet blocking
Russian authorities want to put Sasha Skochilenko in prison for 10 years because of anti-war messages. Here is her story
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